Measurements part 3!


Weight: 279.4 Fat%: 39.4

Bicep: 15.5

Thigh: 25

Forearm: 11.5

Waist: 43

Calf: 16

Neck: 17

Weight loss: 13.2

Fat% loss: 2.3%

Inches loss: 10 inches


Inflammation and progress

Last time I told you I would talk about inflammation in my next blog but I’d also like to talk about some positive changes my family and I have noticed lately. Inflammation can be a painful and uncomfortable side effect of eating foods your body doesn’t agree with. There are other things that can cause inflammation as well but in my opinion processed/fast food is the number one cause. I can definitely feel the difference in my body (pain) after eating certain foods. Eating a clean diet is a great way to lessen or possibly eliminate inflammation in the body. I invite you to pay attention or even keep a journal of how you feel after eating certain foods and your body will let you know what you shouldn’t be eating. In my opinion, the best way to eliminate inflammation is by following the Virgin diet. The Virgin diet was created by JJ Virgin. She spent years doing allergy testing and found there are certain foods most people are allergic to. These are the foods she says to avoid: gluten, corn, dairy, soy, eggs, Peanuts, sugar and artificial sweeteners. Now this is a very strict diet but she advises to abstain from these foods for a couple of months and one by one add them back and see how your body reacts.

Now for the progress I mentioned! After about two months of eating clean and exercising when I’m able I can definitely notice some positive results. Now I’m not losing a lot of weight even though I’ve cut my calories by about 1000 daily. I believe I’m holding water weight from medications but that is ok. I can feel my body getting healthier. I am walking with less difficulty and less pain. I am also walking at a more normal pace. For years people have commented on or made fun of me for walking extremely slow. I am more active and spending less time in bed or closed off in my room. I feel like in a few months I’ll be back to my old self. That’s my hope/goal anyway! Thanks for reading guys!


Diet is the #1 most important thing when it comes to weight loss. You can workout as much as you want but if your diet is working against your goal, you have a much tougher road ahead of you. I have tried many different diets in my day and I’ve come to the conclusion that without self discipline, the diet or anything else you try in life for that matter, simply won’t work. What I have had the most luck with so far, basically boils down to common sense. Cutting calories is more or less what you have to do. Eating healthy, unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables helps as well. Common sense right? Now there are certain diets that aid in helping you along the way. I have cut my meat down to about one meal a week and have been doing intermittent fasting. This has helped me cut down on calories and amount of food eaten. Intermittent fasting is basically picking certain days or times to do the bulk of your eating. I easy for 8 hours a day and fast for 16 hours. This has also helped cut back on inflammation which has many other benefits that I will discuss in my next blog. It is also beneficial to track your food (calories) with an app. I use my fitness pal. This app has many useful features and articles.

Once again it’s on!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. It’s been a rough several days because of medication issues/MS issues. Thankfully I got the right medications today and I had the best workout I’ve had in many months, possibly years. Now I don’t believe medication is the answer, just a catalyst to get me going in the right direction. My end goal is to be healthy and off all medication. I want to be able to work any job and not be limited by an illness. I want to be able to make plans with friends and go on dates. See on rare occasions I’ll make plans when I’m feeling good and when the day come I have to cancel 99% of the time because I feel like shit. Due to these issues I have lost almost all my friends and the couple I occasionally talk to often don’t answer the phone or text back. Most likely because I often don’t answer my phone or text back because of how bad I feel. This is no way to live life people! If you have an illness a plant based diet can either reverse your symptoms or possibly even get rid of them all together. If you want to learn more you can research or watch the documentary on Netflix, “what the health.” Everyone have a great day! Thanks for reading!

Back at it!

I’m back home now with the internet I have so longed for over the last week. I am officially back on my plan of exercising and eating healthy. I am now doing the whole 30. The whole 30 is, as you can probably guess, mostly whole foods (vegetables and non-processed foods) and a limited amount of lean meats. I feel like this will be something I can stick with seeing as how it isn’t extremely strict and I don’t have to completely give up meat. I would like to go vegan at some point but I know that will be a difficult road seeing as I love meat and hate vegetables. I know I will have to power through and stick with it because I refuse to give up. Small changes over time are key. Try to make big changes and it will become overwhelming and you will most likely give up. This has been my problem in the past. I have always been all or nothing. Small changes over time will become habits. I have heard many success stories from this whole 30 plan. Has anyone else tried this? What were your results? Did anyone try a different plan that worked for them? I would love to hear from you.


One of the largest problems of my life. I am in a different city this week, that I lived in closed to a decade previously. I am spending some time with some old friends, drinking and smoking marijuana. A well needed good time that I haven’t had in a decade or so. I feel like I’m home yet don’t want to leave where I am now. I wish I could marry the two. Oh well, that aside, here is the biggest problem with unexpected trips. I had an unexpected trip this week and this always messes up any plan I’m on. I decided to postpone my 2 week vegan plan. I am out of town this week and I feel as if I can’t follow my plan while eating out. I know that I can but I don’t have that type of commitment. That is perfectly ok though. As long as I’m trying to better myself, as long as I’m still trying to better myself right? I think that’s ok … right? It has to be because we are all imperfect humans

Is any disease really incurable?

We are told certain diseases are incurable, then we read stories of people being cured. Is it the truth or a made up story? At age 24 I was diagnosed with an “incurable disease” I accepted this as fact because doctors when to medical school. They know what they’re are talking about right? Well after many years of research, reading articles and watching documentaries I came to the conclusion that the American health system is corrupt. Not saying that everyone involved is corrupt, just the system itself. I believe most doctors want the best for their patients. The problem is they are fed wrong information and learn nothing about nutrition. Nutrition is the number one thing affecting our health. I believe cutting out certain foods and eating mostly fruits and vegetables, along with drinking mostly water, coffee and tea with minimal sugar added, can cure or bring a lot closer to curing any disease. These are my opinions from research I have done, I invite you to do your own research and decide for yourself. I am happy to discuss these things with anyone and give them any info I have on the topic at hand. I want to see myself and many others cured whether you believe you can be cured or not. Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon!